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Skin Tags on Penis Removal, Get Rid, Treatment, and Pictures

Is it possible to get skin tags on your penis? How are skin tags removed? Get insights as we explore more on skin tags on penis causes and most important, how to remove or get rid of it using various remedies and treatment. You will also understand how skin tags look like from the various pictures we have provided.

Skin Tags on Penis

Skin tags on penis causes
Skin tags on the head of penis

Skin tags are also known as cutaneous tags, soft fibromas, acrochordons or fibroepithelial polyps. They are benign growth that attaches to the skin by a small and thin stalk known as a peduncle. Skin tags are colored, they appear brown on a light skin complexion.

They vary in size, texture, and appearance. They may be smooth or wrinkled and of about 1 mm, although they can grow up to half an inch. Tiny skin tags can appear as raised bumps on your skin. When a skin tag is twisted on its blood supply, it may become red or black.

They are common in the same area of the body than others. The area that is likely to be affected include the underarms, neck, eyelid, groin folds, upper chest, and under the breasts. They may also be located on penile shaft, scrotum, and even on the glans.

Although they are harmless, it may not be appealing to have a growth on your private parts. If they are irritated, they can become itchy painful or bleed. An irritation can result from friction with underwear, sexual intercourse or masturbation.

What Causes Skin Tags on Penis

No matter where the skin tag is located, you may be eager to know the cause and how you can get rid of it. Skin tags on your penis have a variety of causes. They are commonly caused by the following:

  1. Friction

Friction is the major cause of skin tags on different parts of your body. Skin to skin or skin to clothing rubbing can cause a skin tag to appear. If you are having skin tags on shaft or glans, think about the type of clothing you are wearing. Frequent friction between tight underwear or trousers and your private part can cause skin tags to appear.

Skin tags on genitals are more common on sexually active men than those who are not. The friction caused especially when having dry sex or masturbation can cause the skin tags to appear. It is therefore recommended to use water-based lubricants when engaging in a sexual activity with your partner or during masturbation

  1. Hormone Fluctuations

Hormonal imbalances are common in women although it can also affect men. Using steroids is linked to hormonal fluctuations in men. Skin tags are likely to appear on different parts of your body including the shaft and glans when hormones are not balanced in your body. However, it is recommended to visit your healthcare provider to check the cause of your problem before removing skin tags.

  1. Genetic or Hereditary Factors

According to website Skintagsgone, there are various theories that link skin tags with hereditary. If your parents or other close relatives have skin tags, then you should not be surprised to get at least one or more skin tags on your genitals. However, if they are hereditary, they may also appear in other parts of your body that may include groin area, scrotum, on face, neck, and armpits among others.

  1. Obesity

If you are obese, then it is common to develop skin tags on different parts of your body including the genitals. This goes back to friction. Being obese means that you are having a large body. The overlapping body parts increase the chances of having skin-on-skin friction.

Being overweight is associated with various complications, one of them being excessive sweating. According to a dermatologist, apart from skin tags, you are also likely to develop other skin conditions like acne due to clogging of skin pores in the skin folds.

  1. Insulin Resistance

According to 2010 Dermatological Study, individuals with skin tags on different parts of their body were likely to be insulin resistance.  Insulin resistance preceded the development of Diabetes type 2. The research also found a connection between skin tags and high body mass index and triglycerides level.

  1. Human Papillomavirus

HPV is known to cause genital warts but it can also cause skin tags in your private area. According to 2008 research, almost half of the skin tags tested from 37 individuals showed a positive result for human papillomavirus DNA i.e. 18/37 patients. However, the surrounding tissues showed a negative result of the virus.

  1. Age

Your age also plays a role when it comes to the occurrence of skin tags. Cutaneous tags are more common in older people as compared to the young ones. As you age, there are various physical and internal changes that occur.

Is it a Skin Tags on Penis or a Different Skin Condition?

Skin tags on penis causes
Skin tags or warts?

Before considering treatment of cutaneous tags on your penile area, it is important to visit your dermatologist for diagnosis to determine whether the bumps are really skin tags. There are other conditions that may resemble skin tags. They include the following:

  1. Genital Warts

They are soft growth that may appear on your genitals. Genital warts is a highly contagious sexually transmitted infection caused by human papillomavirus [HPV]. This infection can also cause warts to appear all over your body although they are common on penis, scrotum, inside or around anus, groin, and thighs.

Genital warts can occur at any age although they are common between the ages of 17 to 33 years. However, you are likely to be infected if you smoke, have a weak immune system, have a history of child abuse, and if the mother had an infection during birth.

  1. Lichen Planus

Penile lichen planus is a benign condition that causes small shiny pink bumps or papule on the glans penis or on the penile shaft. It can also affect other parts of the skin and mucous membranes. It is not sexually transmitted infection and it normally heals on its own without treatment.

Penile lichen planus is a common condition that affects middle-aged individuals who are between the ages of 30 to 60 years. It is a worldwide condition that can affect all racial and ethnic background. The exact risk factors for this condition are unknown.

  1. Angiokeratoma

This is a benign cutaneous red or purple lesions or spots of capillaries that is characterized by hyperkeratosis. They resemble tiny skin tags. This condition can cause some complications that include producing necrotic tissues and valley that may harbor bacterial, fungal and viral infections.

The lesions can also become painful and start to drain fluids that are smelly. This condition can be treated in a variety of ways that include interventional radiology, physical therapy, and laser.

  1. Cyst

These are small bumps that normally appear on the scrotum and penile shaft. They contain cheesy or chalk looking substances. They do not cause a health risk and therefore, they require no treatment. However, they can be treated for cosmetic purposes.

  1. Genital Herpes

Genital herpes is caused by herpes simplex virus 1 [HSV-1]. It is a highly contagious infection that spread through body contact with infected items and sexual activities. It affects the genitals, anal area, mouth, and other parts of your body.

It is characterized by various symptoms such as pain and itching, swollen lymph nodes, malaise, cold sore around the mouth, high body temperature, ulceration on the genitals, and red blisters on the skin. There is no medical treatment for this infection. However, you can use home remedy treatment to alleviate the symptoms and speed up the healing process.

  1. Moles

Moles are brown or black growth that appears on the skin surface. Moles can be present at birth or they may develop afterward. A mole can appear alone or in a cluster. As you get older, they change in color and become raised. Some moles may fade away slowly while others are permanent. Moles can be cancerous, it is, therefore, important to visit your doctor when having one or more.

How to Remove Skin Tags on Penis

How to remove skin tags
Surgery to remove skin tags

Penile skin tags can become irritated, painful or bleed especially after sexual intercourse or masturbation. This may cause an urge to remove the cutaneous tags of your penis, there are several ways you can use. Since genitals are sensitive and most delicate part of your body, you need to be extra careful when trying to remove it. Not all remedies may be applicable when dealing with penile skin tag.

Cutaneous tags on your penis can be removed safely by your doctor although it can be quite painful and may leave a scar. Alternatively, you can decide to remove it by yourself discreetly at home using a natural product that contains harsh or burning agents. The different removal method includes the following:

  1. Cryotherapy

When you visit your doctor to remove the skin tag on your genital, he may suggest using a freezing agent to destroy the tag. When using the freezing agent to remove the cutaneous tags, the doctor will use the procedure below:

  • Assembling the necessary equipment’s
  • The doctor locates the cutaneous tags on your penis.
  • Preparation of the freezing agent
  • Applying the freezing agent directly to the skin tag

The freezing agent causes the cells inside the skin tag to swell up and burst. This causes the skin tag to drop off. However, the affected area may become sore, itchy, red, form scabs and crusts, and finally falling off the scab. This method may require the second or third application of the freezing agent to completely treat your problem. After healing, a small scar may be left behind.

  1. Ligation

This is done by tying a thread around the base of the skin tag. It works by cutting off the blood supply to the cutaneous tags. The tug survives from the blood and nutrients supplied to it. However, when the supply is cut or reduced, it will shrink, die and drop off from the skin.

It is not advisable to cut it off using a blade. It may cause bleeding, pain and leave a scar after healing. Some people resort to this method because they are afraid of visiting the doctor due to embarrassment, high cost or having inadequate time.

  1. Cauterization

Large skin tags on your penis require cauterization to get rid of them completely. Only qualified doctors are allowed to use this method, it is dangerous to perform cauterization by yourself. Depending on the size of your skin tag, the anesthetic may be required to numb the affected area. This method involves burning part of the skin tag to remove it.

  1. Surgical Removal

This is also an effective method or removing skin tags on your penis or other parts of your body. The surgical procedure may involve bleeding but it completely removes the tag. Large cutaneous tags may require a professional to perform the surgery. However, you can remove small skin tags surgically using the procedure below:

  • Assemble all the equipment’s necessary i.e. scalpel or scissors, tweezers, alcohol, ice cubes and cotton ball.
  • Wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap and use alcohol to sterilize the scalpel, scissors, and
  • Wrap ice cubes in a clean towel and place it over the affected area to numb it.
  • Grab the skin tag from the top using a pair of tweezers and cut the base using a scalpel or scissors.
  • Clear the blood from the affected area using the cotton ball.
  • Apply anti-bacterial ointment on the wound and cover it to prevent infections.

It is not recommended to remove skin tags by yourself. Removing them unprofessionally can cause them to bleed, burn or get infected. It is best if they are removed by a doctor.

How to Get Rid of Skin Tags on Penis

You can get rid of skin tags on your penis without leaving your doorstep. This involves using some of the home remedy treatment of which most of them are in your kitchen or in the nearest drug store. Although they may not be as fast as medical treatment, you will be able to see the positive result after persistence use. They include the following.

  • Tea Tree Oil. This natural oil contains antibacterial, antibiotic oil and anti-inflammatory properties to treat various skin ailments. It is also effective in the treatment of skin tags within weeks of daily application.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of apple cider vinegar make it the best choice for treatment of irritated skin tags. You simply administer this remedy three times a day on the affected area until you get positive results.
  • Coconut Oil. How does coconut oil remove skin tags? It contains lauric acid that is effective anti-bacterial. It also has the power to kill various micro-organisms that are causing infections. You simply apply it directly on skin tags before going to bed on a daily basis.
  • Vitamin E Oil. This natural oil has powerful antioxidants for treatment of various skin problems including skin tags. Apply it directly to the cutaneous tags and cover it with a bandage.
  • Oil of Oregano. It belongs to the mint family and has the power to treat bacterial and fungal infection among other skin blemishes. It also contains powerful anti-inflammatory to soothe irritating cutaneous tags while removing them at the same time.
  • Garlic. Garlic does not only spice your food, it can also be used in the treatment of various skin ailments. It has been proven to be the best remedy for the treatment of skin warts and tags. Crush a clove of garlic and secure it on the affected area with a bandage for an overnight.
  • Iodine. This remedy work by breaking down skin cells and causing them to fall off. When applied to the surface of the skin tag, it will be able to fall off within days of initial application. Remember to secure the surrounding skin with other natural oil like coconut.
  • Cinnamon Supplement. To control skin tags related to diabetes, add cinnamon in your diet to stabilize your blood sugar level.

You should be able to see positive results within 2 to3 months of using the above remedy. If there is no change, don’t hesitate to visit your healthcare provider for further diagnosis and treatment.

How to Prevent Skin Tags on Penis

Skin tags on penis causes
Skin tags  picture

Some of the skin tags can be prevented by making changes in your lifestyle while others can be difficult to control especially those that are genetic. However, you can cutaneous tags that result from friction by wearing loose cotton underwear.

Controlling your weight can also help to prevent skin tags that develop in folds due to skin-on-skin friction. This can be done by exercising regularly and watching your diet. You can also treat other underlying body conditions like type 2 diabetes that is characterized by skin tags.

Skin Tags on Penis Pictures

How does skin tags on your penis look like? In this post, we have provided various pictures that will help you to understand more about this skin condition.

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