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How to Clear Acne Overnight: Fast, Naturally, Scars, Dark Spots, on Face

A closer look at how to clear acne, fast, overnight, scars, dark spots, removal, home remedies, treatment and cure.

How to Clear Acne Fast

How to clear acne fast
Before and after clearing acne

Excess sebum secretion by oil glands is the primary cause which is behind the problem. Pimples generally happen on the face, back and also the shoulders. Though not a very critical condition, pimples might make a person to feel miserable because of their appearance.

There are several lotions and also medicines on the market that are used to treat pimples but they might take period of time. Most of the natural methods are usually effective in treatment of the pimples within a short time period.

Here are several ways that can be used to clear acne fast.

  1. Ice

Ice may be used to fast reduce the redness, swelling as well as inflammation of acne. It assists in improving of the blood circulation to the affected areas, and also in tightening the skin pores and getting rid of the dirt and oil that is accumulated on skin. You may the use ice cubes or even the crushed ice, whichever is convenient.

  1. Wrap the ice in a piece of cloth and then hold it on affected skin area for some seconds.
  2. Wait for a few minutes and then repeat the process.
  1. Lemon Juice

Another fast method that can rid of pimples is use of the lemon juice, which is very rich in vitamin C. Lemon juice assists the pimples to dry up faster. Be very sure to use the fresh lemon juice and not the bottled juice, which contains preservatives. There are some methods that are used to apply the remedy.

  • Dip a clean cotton swab in a lemon juice and then use it to the acne before going to bed.
  • You may as well mix one tablespoon of the lemon juice with one teaspoon of the cinnamon powder and then put it on pimples overnight. In the morning, wash the skin well using lukewarm water. But, this particular remedy is not very suitable for people with sensitive skin.
  1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is usually excellent for treatment of the acne and also the pimples. It contains antibacterial properties which assists to fight the bacteria that leads to the skin problems.

Also, its soothing properties assist to reduce the redness and also inflammation of pimples. It also assists to dry out blackheads and also the whiteheads.

  • Just dip a small piece of cotton ball in tea tree essential oil and then dab it on affected area. Rinse the face after about 20 minutes.
  • Another option is mixing some drops of tea tree oil in 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel. Use it on the pimples and also the blemishes, leave it on for 30 minutes and then rinse it off.
  1. Toothpaste

The toothpaste which is used every morning in cleaning of teeth also may be used in treatment of the acne quickly. It is effective when used following an ice remedy. You should make use of the white toothpaste; avoid use of the gel toothpaste.

  1. Use white toothpaste over affected skin area before going sleeping.
  2. In the morning, wash the face using water and you will see a very improvement in swelling.

If you also wish, you may repeat the process in daytime. Just make sure that the toothpaste remains on the pimples for at least 30 minutes.

  1. Steam

Steaming is also wonderful for the skin at any given time, but especially when you have pimples. The steam will open up the pores and allow the skin to breathe. This assists to do away with the oils, dirt and also bacteria that is trapped in pores which may lead to an infection or even an inflammation.

  1. Fill a large container using hot water and then allow the steam to be contact with the face for some minutes.
  2. Rinse the face using lukewarm water and apply an oil-free moisturizer.

How to Clear Acne Naturally

  1. Gentle Cleansing
How to clear acne naturally
Cleansing face to clear pimples

Doing away with the stubborn pimples, blackheads and also the whiteheads starts with gentle cleansing. Dampen skin using the warm water, and then massage into face and also the neck. Rinse well and pat it dry.

Do this each given morning and evening and, if required, after any workouts. Keep off cleansing more often, as this might irritate the skin and lead to an overproduction of oil.

It features apple cider vinegar, coconut oil and essential oils (such as the tea tree oil). The honey usually soothes the skin, the coconut oil assists to fight the bacteria and also the fungus, and also the tea tree oil assists to invigorate the skin.

  1. Toning

Toning is a crucial step that is used in proper skin care. It assists to get rid of any residue after cleansing and also assists to restore the skin’s natural pH levels.

Use pure apple cider vinegar as the evening and morning toner. Using a cotton ball, smooth over the skin paying attention to the active breakouts and also the acne prone areas.

Apple cider vinegar is usually packed with potassium, acetic acid and some enzymes which gets rid of the bacteria on skin. Chronic acne may be due to the bacteria and fungi which continues to spread and grow on surface of skin.

  1. Healing Masks

To hydrate and also heal the skin, masks are supposed to be applied a few times in a week. Yogurt, cinnamon, essential oils and other ingredients assists to hydrate skin and also fight the common causes of acne.

Yogurt and Honey Mask: Mix 1 tablespoon of the raw honey with 1 tablespoon of yogurt. Use it on face, paying attention to hairline, jawline and also other acne prone areas. Relax for about 10 minutes and gently wipe off using a clean damp cloth.

Cinnamon and Honey Mask: Mix about two tablespoons of the raw honey, 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and about 1/2 teaspoon of the cinnamon. Smooth over the face. Keep away from eyes, as cinnamon might be an irritant. Relax for about 10 minutes and get rid of it using with damp cloth.

Honey and cinnamon when used together assists to fight acne due to its anti-inflammatory and also antibacterial properties.

Add some drops of the tea tree oil to either of the masks above during an acne breakout. Tea tree oil is also considered to be one of the best home remedies that is used for acne.

  1. How to clear acne by Exfoliating Regularly

Clogged pores and also the dead skin leads to an acne. It’s crucial to exfoliate properly to get rid of the buildup. Commercially available scrubs are usually ridden with chemicals which may further irritate skin.

DIY scrubs to fight acne and also keep skin remaining fresh are very easy to make and are also economical. First, you require something which is gritty. Sea salt, brown sugar and also some ground oatmeal are very good choices. In addition, you require a base. Coconut oil and honey are all good choices.

These bases assists to fight the bacteria, fungi and also the Candida overgrowth on skin while textured ingredients assists to open pores and dead skin.

Mix about 2 tablespoons of dry ingredient of choice 2 tablespoons of base of choice. Rub into skin in a circular motion. Start at the forehead and then work your way down, paying an attention to problem areas. Get rid of dirt using a damp cloth, and rinse well.

How to Clear Acne Scars overnight

While most of the people accept that use of the brutal chemicals, overwhelming cleaning and even doctor managed skin can peel and laser medications are the most ideal approach to treatment of the infrequent pimples, customarily the medicines irritate the issue and also exacerbate matters.

Therefore, for limited breakouts, here are some of the extraordinary common cures which may assist you dispose of acne easily.

How to clear face acne by using Ice Cubes

How to clear acne naturally
Using ice cubes to clear acne

For a pimple which has not yet been infected fully, ice may be utilized to diminish the swelling and urge the oil organs to contract and also push out the oil and also the microbes from the disturbed organs.


  • Wrap the ice in some fabric and hold it on influenced skin area for a few seconds.
  • Hold up a few minutes and then rehash the methodology.

Apply the ice method as many times throughout the day and the acne ought to disappear in a day or two!

How to clear pimples by using Honey

It has been indicated as a characteristic disinfectant and might assist to demolish the microbes that are in the oil organs fast, serving to accelerate the mending methodology.


Use a clean, sterile cotton that is tipped application and then dab natural honey straightforwardly onto the skin flaws, thus abandoning it on for no less than 45 minutes before washing using warm water.

Moreover, you may make a thick paste using cinnamon powder and use the mixture to stay in contact with the acne overnight just before washing.

How to clear acne by using Lemon Juice

Another approach to remove the acne is to utilize the new lemon juice. The gentle citrus extract can work as a germicide and get rid of the microscopic organisms that are in the skin while functioning as an astringent to remove excess oil. There are about three approaches to use of this home remedy.


Use a clean, cotton swab, apply lemon juice to affected areas before going to bed.

For tenacious pimples, make a mixture of the lemon juice and also the cinnamon powder and then spot onto the pimples for the night treatment. This can assist to dispose of acne rapidly, but the method is not suggested for people having sensitive skin.

How to clear breakout by using Toothpaste

Toothpaste is an extraordinary acne treatment. Toothpaste is better utilized as a subsequent meet-up icing so as to deliver the speediest results. It is usually imperative to note that the white glue should be utilized instead of the gel.


Touch some amount of the white toothpaste to affected skin areas before using little of it overnight, wash using cool water in the morning. On the off chance that you aren’t going anyplace, you may rehash the method also during the day, make a point to leave the toothpaste in contact with pimples for no less than 30 minutes to be successful.

Toothpaste may be irritating on skin, so it is crucial that you use the treatment sparingly, using the correct technique.

How to Clear Acne and Dark Spots

There are several natural ingredients which you may apply on scars to get rid of the scars from the face.

  1. Lemon Juice for Acne Scars

Lemon is usually a natural bleach. Vitamin C in lemon assists in rebuilding of the collagen. When you use lime juice on acne scars, the spots get lighter daily.

Lemon juice is a perfect skin lightening agent. It is the acid which is found in lemon juice which assists to brighten the skin and also make the scars to be less visible. It may, fade away freckles and lighten the dark scars a bit faster.

Not only the scars, if you have the swollen pimples, lemon juice might assist to reduce its redness. And it is the most easily found ingredient around. So, you just require to get it and squeeze out its fresh juice to use to the acne scar.

But, just do not step out in sun after using the lemon juice to the skin. It makes the skin sensitive to the sun’s rays. Even hours after stepping out of the house, do not forget to use the sunscreen to shield the skin.

How to clear pimples by using lemon Juice
  • Take a fresh lemon and then squeeze out its juice. Apply the juice directly on acne scars using finger tips or even a cotton ball, leave it for about minutes and wash it off using cool clean water.

Do the process at least once a day for about three weeks during which you may see the scars diminish. If you also want, you can mix honey with lemon juice so as to make it more effective in reducing of the acne scars.

  • If the skin is sensitive, dilute lemon juice by mixing rose water and then use it on the scars.
  • You might even mix a teaspoon of the lemon juice with about two teaspoons of Vitamin E oil and use this to the acne scars. Vitamin E is a good emollient having lots of antioxidants which protects and improves the skin texture.
I. How to clear dark spots by using a lemon mask

You will require

  • Lemon juice – 1 tbsp
  • Honey – 1 tbsp
  • Almond oil – 1 tbsp


  • Mix them all and use on the scars at least once daily for about 10 days. You’ll observe some difference.
  • After using lemon juice, never ever step out in the sun.
II. How to clear acne by using Lemon and Honey

Get this:

  • Lemons- 2
  • Honey – 1 tsp
  • Cotton ball

Do this:

  • Squeeze the lemons so as to take out fresh juice in a bowl.
  • Add the honey to the lemon juice and then mix well.
  • Dip the cotton ball in the mixture.
  • Now use the mixture on the cotton ball to whole of face or in the area where you have the acne scars.
  • Leave for about 15 minutes.
  • Wash off using clean water and pat it dry.
  • Do the process at least once every day for at least 3 weeks.
  1. Honey for Acne Scars

Honey is also capable of treating the acne scars.

How to acne scars by using honey
  • Apply some amount of honey on scars and leave it overnight. Wash it off in the morning.
  • Mix about 2 tablespoons of honey with about ¼ cup of the oatmeal. Apply the mixture gently on pimple scars. Leave it for about 20 minutes then wash off using lukewarm water.
  • Add ½ tsp of the cinnamon powder with 1 tbsp of honey and use it on scars. Leave it for about 1 hour. You may even use it overnight. Then wash it off.
How to clear pimples by making a honey-aspirin mask

Although aspirin is not regarded as a natural ingredient but you may always use it with honey to remove the acne scars. The salicylic acid in the aspirin does wonders and also its gritty texture gives you a perfect exfoliation.

You will require:

  • Honey- 2 tbsp
  • Aspirin-3
  • Water- few drops


  • Put the aspirins in some drops of water till they are dissolved and form a paste. Don’t use a lot of water as you require a gritty texture for exfoliation.
  • Add honey to the aspirin-water paste and then mix
  • Apply on the scars and leave for about 20 minutes.
  • Now wash it off using clean water.

How to Clear Acne through Diet

Studies so have focused mostly on foods which make acne worse. Here are some which come up most often as the culprits in increasing of the breakouts. Avoid them for about 1 week, and see if you observe any difference.

How to clear acne with diet
Avoid cows milk

Cow’s milk: The 2010 research found an association which existed between cow’s milk and the acne. Scientists aren’t yet sure why this should be, but there are a lot of theories. Cow’s milk usually spikes blood sugar, which may increase inflammation. It also increases the insulin levels that encourages production of sebum.

A lot of commercial milk that is bought comes from pregnant cows, and therefore has other hormones which may trigger production of sebum. Milk also contains growth hormones which may encourage overgrowth of skin cells, thus blocking pores.

In 2005, studies from the famous Nurses’ Health Study II found that participants who drank more amount of milk as teens had higher rates of severe acne than those people who had little milk as teens.

Sugar: You might have suspected that sugar is related to the breakouts. Some of the studies indicate that there might be a link. This doesn’t imply that if you eat a cookie then you’re going to get acne.

It only comes down to how much amount of sugar which you’re eating in a day—especially at any single time.

If you take a soda and also a candy bar, for instance, then you’re likely spiking the blood sugar levels, and you may break out hours later. If you suspect that sugar may be a culprit for you, then try to cut back even by a sugary drink a day so as to observe a difference.

High-glycemic foods: These are several foods which breaks down quickly in body, thus triggering an insulin spike and also raising blood sugar levels. They also trigger hormonal fluctuations as well as inflammation—both of which encourages the acne.

We’re talking foods such as the white bread, processed breakfast cereals, pretzels, potato chips, cookies and also the cakes, etc. Choose the low glycemic-index foods such as vegetables, whole grains and most of the fruits.

How to clear Acne Cyst

Try the quick-fix solutions to assist you safely do away with the cystic pimples which you already have.

Multivitamins: Talk to the doctor about taking a multivitamin. The zinc which is in vitamin normally reduces skin inflammation while the vitamin E might assist heal your skin.

Spot Treatment: Use a warm compress for about minutes four times a day to bring the pimple to a head. Dab on the acne cream at least twice a day so as to dry it up.

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